First of all, we know loosing an eye is difficult experience to go through alone, so we would like to offer you our support and encourage you to contact us, if only for emotional and medical resources.

One Eye is here to help you move forward with grace and love.

We’ll work together to help you evolve your relationship to yourself and life and general, using wellness and support tools collected from contemplative studies, art therapy, and sound healing, for example.

Technically speaking, we are also here to go into more details about our design and fabrication process, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Whether you are looking for a discrete design that blends in, or a something that pops, we have a wide variety of gemstones and metals you can chose from, and would be happy to go through them with you.

We are based in Biarritz, but can also travel around the world to create a custom eye for you wherever you are.


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