At the crossroads between a medical device and a work of art,
One Eye proposes to highlight a difference and make it an individuality affirming asset.

The common approach to producing ocular prostheses consists in copying the real eye in an attempt to dissimulate the artificial one.

But eyes made in this way lack aliveness and brilliance, and this is why I founded One eye, to bring life to your prosthetic and transform a handicap into a singularity.

My name is Tristan Martineau, I lost my left eye at 8 years old in accident.
This traumatic experience set me on the path of becoming a designer and visual artist, and made me the person I am proud to be today.

I’ve been making prosthetic eyes since 2018 and evolving ways to embue more magic into them ever since.

One Eye is the culmination of these years of work. We’ve developed the fine craftsmanship to use natural gemstones, crystals and textured metals to produce unique eyes that you feel good wearing.

We’d love to work with you to design and build a precious custom eye that best supports who you are, and helps empower you to reach new levels of wellbeing and confidence.